Kofi Oduro is a creative coder, creative engineer, thinker, poet, and performer living in Montreal, Quebec (my new hometown!).
In this week's episode, we take a dive into computer science and finding creative fulfillment when you're also a math geek. Kofi fills me in on the intersections of live coding, video, AI, spoken word poetry, music, and "algoraves," an event where people dance to music created by algorithms. Turns out, math is at the foundation of pretty much everything we do."
Was Interviewed by Dominique Pelletier about the translation of language to machine that occurs while engaging in a livecoding performance.
"Kofi’s VR experience Diluted: Am I In Control? aims to evoke the feeling of being lost, using artificial intelligence to play with the senses. Trapped in an abstract space with no obvious goal, the player must decide what to do next—will they immediately attempt an escape, or will they simply explore? The AI will adapt the experience to player choices"
Diluted: Am I in Control? : Débordante de brillantes possibilités de jouer avec les sens des gens en réalité virtuelle, l’expérience de Kofi consiste à créer un espace de RV déroutant utilisant l’intelligence artificielle ainsi qu’un mélange d’effets audio et visuels pour évoquer le sentiment d’être perdu.
With Keep Mtl Weird's Event : StoryTeller: Away , I was tasked with livecoding the visuals as well as controlling the lights to make for a more dynamic experience for the crowd to engage with
In This Piece Virtual PlayGround : Snowmen & Fruits, I Built a world in unity that has many massive and smaller elements of those items. While someone new to world tries to make sense , I am live coding the soundtrack. The purpose of This performance is to see, what affects the sounds have on a person workflow and if it is easily manipulable
With Aid from the Canada Art Council, I was able to partake in the 2019 edition of the Chale Wote Festival, Here are some links regarding  this experience ( With more to come)

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