Animated Installation Coded in Processing (Seen from from 1:30-2) "Lines in the Foreground"

In connection with Black History Month, Project Diaspora considers our geo-cultural origins, complex emigrations, and interconnectedness. Held in the Foreman Art Gallery's Community Art Lab, we used a map with pins and string to indicate where we come from, where we are now, and where we are connected to.
The MASKEDiscrimation art installation aims to reveal discriminating mentalities hidden behind seemingly innocent or plainly ignorant questions posed to individuals of diverse backgrounds. By sharing these interrogations written across hand crafted masks and how they make people feel, written on their interior, each vibrantly painted visage aims to illustrate the impact of words, their interpretations and deeper meanings. The masks, created by member’s of the public and the Caribbean and African Student Association (CASA) will be hung at eye level throughout the Bishop’s University campus allowing community members to openly interact with the masks. The installation invites all to question how they address others and subsequently how they view themselves in relation to others. All are encouraged to share their reactions to the work in a discussion organised in the Community Art Lab (CAL) of the Foreman Gallery after the week long installation. In order to truly celebrate diversity, we must see, understand and change the ways in which we interact with each other.
The mission of the winter 2015 Student Artist-in-residence “Art and Community: a series of installations” is to research, organize and create collective art projects in collaboration with community members, be they students, residents, artists, faculty members, etc. Under the vision of the Community Art Lab of the Foreman Art Gallery we aim to bring people together in a creative and welcoming environment that fosters connection between people, places and perspectives.
Community members will be invited on a weekly basis to create and install various forms of art throughout Bishop’s University, Lennoxville and surrounding areas that seek to beautify, question and analyze our current environment.
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